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Tailored Training

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At RMIT English Worldwide, we have over 40 years’ experience developing and delivering tailored training and English language materials. We can tailor courses for your industry and region, and offer both face to face and online learning to suit you.

Our courses focus on meeting your professional development needs and help you to achieve your desired outcomes for increased success in your education and career.

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Please note that our training courses are only offered to groups of a minimum of 10 participants. Information on courses for individuals is available on the ELICOS page of this website. 

Our programs

Certificates are issued at the end of all courses. Some courses may earn university credits.

Study online

  • We design and moderate training that is fully delivered online.
  • We combine online and face to face learning in a blended course.

Study in your home country

  • Our experienced trainers come to you, or we train your trainers to deliver our courses.
  • Our representatives in your country speak your language and are there to help you.

Study in Melbourne, Australia

  • Choose from an intensive course (1–4 weeks) or short term course (1–5 days).
  • Attend class for 4–5 hours per day.
  • Explore Melbourne—we can arrange cultural tours, trips and sightseeing.
  • Learn in small classes of 18–25 trainees.
  • Immerse yourself in a native English speaking culture and start practising your English.

Our approach

We will complete a needs analysis with you and define the desired outcomes of your course. 

  • We can determine participants’ level of English and discuss various arrangements for improvement.
  • We will prepare a proposal confirming our discussion and outlining our recommendation for training to meet your needs.

Our tailored training solutions

Regardless of your profession or your level of English, our courses can help you develop any of the four skills—reading, writing, listening and speaking—for effective communication within your institution or organisation.

We can offer experienced trainers to focus on your development, self directed online learning and a range of assessment types to measure your progress.

Try our sample course or ask for a quote today.

Hear from our trainers and trainees

Our trainers delivered a professional development course to primary and secondary school teachers at the Fengtai Education Bureau in China. They share their experiences with us.

Two students from Kansai Gaidai University in Japan spent 2 weeks in Melbourne studying English at RMIT English Worldwide. They talk about life in Melbourne, what they learnt beyond language skills, their teachers and classmates, their future plans, and offer advice to other students—in Japanese and English.

Meet Sara Kablaoui, one of the trainers at RMIT English Worldwide, as she talks about delivering training to participants in their home country and how our courses are tailored to different subject areas.

We are experts in English and bring experience in developing courses for teachers of English and other subjects delivered in English. Meet Stephanie Grayston, one of our teacher trainers.

Who we’ve helped

We’ve delivered tailored training to participants all over the world. Some of the clients who have completed our various programs include:

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When you train or teach with RMIT English Worldwide, you become part of our community. Join us via your preferred media channel to connect, discover and share.

  • Read and post content including the latest news and articles about English.
  • Share what you’re doing and find out what your network is up to.
  • Find resources and tips.
  • Watch and upload videos.
  • Chat with other members of the community.