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RMIT English Language Test for Aviation RELTA

RMIT English Language Test for Aviation

RELTA (RMIT English Language Test for Aviation) is designed for pilots and air traffic controllers who must demonstrate their English language proficiency for licensing purposes. The test assesses a candidate's ability to speak and understand English in aviation contexts, including routine and non-routine radiotelephony communication contexts, with a focus on plain English.

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 MAI has used the RELTA test to assess Russian pilots' and air traffic controllers'
English language proficiency level since 2005. It has been accredited by the Russian Civil
Aviation Authority. Airlines and other users across Russia have found RELTA to be a reliable
instrument in this critical safety area assisting to make Russian skies a better place to fly. 

Dr Alexander Kalliopin
Director Department of Foreign Languages
Moscow Aviation Institute


RELTA consists of a 30-minute Speaking Test and a 40-minute Listening Test. Both parts of RELTA are delivered via computer with an examiner interlocutor delivering the Speaking Test.

RELTA evaluates the Aviation English language skills of pilots and air traffic controllers in accordance with the language proficiency requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Candidates are assessed against ICAO’s six-band Language Proficiency Rating Scale.

RELTA Examiner and Rater training is provided by RMIT English Worldwide for organisations with CAA accreditation.

RELTA Listening Test

The RELTA Listening Test is delivered via a secured web-based application. Candidates are required to view questions on their computer screen and listen to audio through a headset. Candidate responses are recorded automatically by the test delivery system. The RELTA Listening Test can be delivered to a group of candidates simultaneously.

RELTA Speaking Test

The RELTA Speaking is delivered via a computer. The RELTA examiner and candidate communicate via headset in the role-played radiotelephony components of the test (sections 1 and 2). The RELTA examiner controls the display of information (pictures and speaking prompts) on the candidate’s computer screen remotely. Only in the interview during Section 3 is there face-to-face contact with the RELTA examiner.

All candidate responses are recorded during the test and then rated by trained RELTA raters.

Partner with us

Individual pilots and ATC personnel are not eligible to access RELTA. Please contact your organisation.

Case studies

Why people love working with us 

Qatar Airways

RMIT English Worldwide worked with Qatar Airways to successfully demonstrate the validity and reliability of RELTA, which ensured its endorsement from the civil aviation authority.

Within 4 months of receiving endorsement from the Civil Aviation Authority, all pilots from Qatar Airways had been tested.

Algerian Civil Aviation Authority and Language Solutions Algeria

RMIT English Worldwide sought out Language Solutions Algeria (LSA) as the best language training partner for Algeria’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

A tailored program incorporating Radiotelephony English and delivery of RELTA was implemented.

Aviation at RMIT University

RMIT University is a leading provider of undergraduate and postgraduate aviation programs, including Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Maintenance, Aviation Management and Flight Training. The University operates the flight training program from its airbase at Point Cook, on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, where students can attain their commercial flight licence.