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RMIT Training presents at World Aviation Safety Summit

Aviation Relationship Manager, Rachele Zito, during discussions at the Summit.

RMIT Training recently exhibited at the 2016 World Aviation Safety Summit in Dubai, where discussions with world leading regulators, airlines, airports and safety organisations focused on the most important issues affecting the industry.

Regional Manager Middle East, Zeyad Ahmed, and Aviation Relationship Manager, Rachele Zito, showcased the RMIT English Language Test for Aviation (RELTA) and Aviation English courses.

During presentations Ms Zito highlighted the importance of English language proficiency (ELP) measurement tools and the critical safety risks if International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) objectives are not achieved.  

She was then invited to join an expert panel discussion on the issue of effective implementation of ELP testing after being approached by aviation safety management representatives from major airlines and Civil Aviation Authorities. 

Panel discussions covered the issues of effective and consistent communication for air traffic controllers and crew; air traffic management and pilot training; as well as call sign confusion within the Middle East. 

“RMIT Training’s input at the Summit generated a great deal of interest. Achieving global standardisation of ELP results to support the management of ICAO safety systems is highly important,” Ms Zito said.  

“The Summit provided the opportunity to highlight RELTA as a recognised and proven measurement tool which can provide an effective safety solution.”

Ms Zito commented that many safety system solutions are reliant on incident reporting to develop effective mitigation strategies. 

Discussions centred on how airlines and airports can measure their own performance and implement effective measures to prevent incidents before they happen.

“Valid and reliable testing provides a proactive solution which can prevent serious safety risks,” Ms Zito said.

“If the Aviation industry does not review its safety culture to ensure that ELP tests are proven to be effective by experts in the field, then the safety risks increase significantly.”

The key message of the Summit was a stronger focus on monitoring, measuring and bench-marking safety across the industry.

RELTA is one of only two English language proficiency tests that has received recognition from ICAO, a United Nations specialised agency.

Regional Manager Middle East, Zeyad Ahmed, receiving RMIT Training’s recognition of support for the event and aviation safety.