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Over 50 000 visitors to the RMIT Short Courses website

Last month, the RMIT Short Courses website reached a milestone of more than 50 000 visits in one month. 

The website had an increase of more than 40% in the number of visits compared to the same period in 2011. The number of page views also increased, while the percentage of people visiting the website for the first time remained steady. 

The RMIT Short Courses website provides information about short and single courses offered by RMIT University. Visitors are able to browse through a wide range of short and single courses and complete the enrolment process online. 

Most of the website's traffic comes via search engines, referrals from the RMIT University website and from people typing the URL directly into their web browser. 

The RMIT Short Courses Team has been steadily building its online presence. In 2011, the Team launched the Course News e-newsletter, which is sent electronically to its students and subscribers on a quarterly basis. In addition, a recent Facebook campaign has also brought new visitors to the website. 

The Client Services Short Courses Team plans to redevelop the website this year, with the aim of converting an increased number of website visits into course enrolments.