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RMIT Training is Going Google!

Hang onto your chair and buckle up for an exciting ride as RMIT Training rolls out a new platform for collaboration giving employees the ability to access accounts anywhere, anytime. From the 25th June, thanks to an initiative lead by RMIT University, RMIT Training employees will enjoy new ways to engage with and collaborate with each other.

Google Apps for Education replaces the current mail, calendar and contacts provided within the GroupWise system and also includes increased functionality through Google Docs, Google Sites and integration with mobile devices. Staff will receive 25GB of storage marking a substantial increase from the current default storage amount of 50MB. This increase in storage means employees no longer need to waste time deleting or archiving emails because they will always have access to all their communications, anywhere, anytime they have access to the Internet. 

As the generous electronic heart of Google Apps, Google Mail features an internal search engine as well as an advanced filtering and labelling system. All accounts can be accessed by any computer or mobile device with a data connection and there is even an offline support option available to let employees keep working when they're not connected to the Internet. 

Google Apps is well-known for its clever innovations in information collaboration. Nowhere is this more impressively realised than in Google Docs, where employees will be able to simultaneously edit and review documents with their colleagues anywhere in the world. Not only that, but storing documents in the Google Apps Cloud lets their colleagues have access to the latest version of files, and additionally, documents can be presented and published via the web on Google Sites. 

To put the cherry on the online cake, Google Apps is carbon neutral and powered by energy-efficient data centres. 

Both the RMIT Training IT Team and RMIT Information Technology Services are offering extensive support to employees during the transition period as Google replaces Groupwise. Staff have access to one-on-one assistance, workshops and a comprehensive range of online support.