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RMIT Training educators mentor ASEAN researchers

Elizabeth Clark awarding the research grant to Tam Hoang at CamTESOL.

Earlier this year, RMIT Training attended and was a sponsor of the 13th annual CamTESOL conference in Phnom Penh.

RMIT Training awarded two grants as part of the Regional ELT (English Language Teaching) Research Grants Program to Tam Hoang from Vietnam, and Ly Vannarath and Hum Chan from Cambodia.

As part of the ongoing sponsorship commitment, RMIT English Worldwide language educators, Elizabeth Clark and Kamelia Surbakti, are providing mentoring support to these grant recipients during the course of their research.

Ms Hoang’s research proposal involves blind students and their feelings about the way that English is taught in Vietnam and her mentor, Elizabeth Clark, has been communicating with her fortnightly to share advice.

Ms Clark has found the experience extremely valuable and commented on how the mentoring process has increased knowledge she can apply to her own role as an educator and to developing assessment to measure learner development. 

“Tam has been keeping me informed of her progress and I’ve been able to offer advice and support on research, as well as encouragement when things don’t go exactly as planned,” Ms Clark said.

“It’s very interesting to see how she is developing her research skills and it’s inspiring me to find out more about this topic as well.” 

Kamelia Surbakti is assisting two researchers, Ly Vannarath and Hum Chan, from the University of Battambang, Cambodia.

Their research proposal is titled Cambodian EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Students’ Perceptions on Teacher Written Feedback, and looks into which type of feedback is most useful for students to improve their writing.

Ms Surbakti has assisted the researchers by providing feedback on their research proposal and survey questions.

“Their research has not only given me insight into issues that have arisen in their university, but is also very relevant to my own experience as a teacher,” Ms Surbakti said.

“As I give written feedback to my own students, results from their research could shed more light on how to give feedback more effectively.

“I’m looking forward to reading their final research report and working out which strategies could be applied to my own classes.”

CamTESOL contributes to the professional development of English language teachers in the ASEAN region.

RMIT English Worldwide supports education needs nationally and internationally through English language and tailored training solutions.

Kamelia Surbakti and Elizabeth Clark with CamTESOL staff.