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RMIT Training supports regional development in Cambodia

RMIT English Worldwide language educators (centre) with other conference attendees at CamTESOL.

The 12th annual CamTESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) conference was held at the Phnom Penh Institute of Technology in late February. 

RMIT Training continued its support of the event by sponsoring 10 English language teachers from Cambodia; two research grant recipients; and nine presenters from Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam. 

Sponsorship provides invaluable professional development opportunities to the least privileged provincial teachers from remote areas of Cambodia, enabling them to attend the conference.

The conference theme for 2016 was “Promoting Autonomy in Language Teaching and Learning”.

Five language educators from RMIT English Worldwide (REW) were among the 460 presenters and 1700 attendees.

The REW teachers ran workshops which spanned topics including writing, English language teaching and learning through mindfulness, and using bottom-up approaches to better listening. 

Amber Hughes presented ‘Classroom activities to build rapport’. Her workshop was at capacity, with a mix of 40 Cambodian, regional and international teachers. After sharing a range of tools and activities she uses in class, teachers discussed in groups how they might use the techniques or adapt them to suit local classrooms. 

Ms Hughes said that the workshop sessions she attended were very helpful, and gave concrete ideas to teachers to implement in their own classrooms.

“We met local and regional teachers at the conference as we made an effort to interact with a range of attendees and initiate conversations with Cambodian teachers to hear their perspectives,” she said.

“They found the conference very impressive and many said they were picking up ideas for their own classroom use.” 

REW employees also visited Phnom Penh primary and secondary schools during a cultural study tour of the city organised by CamTESOL. 

CamTESOL is an initiative of IDP Education. It aims to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of information on good practices within English Language Teaching (ELT); increase the links between ELT communities in Southeast Asia and the international ELT community; and showcase research in the fields of language and language education.

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