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Kuwait's fencing champion takes on REW's English Academic Passport

An 18-year-old RMIT English Worldwide (REW) student, Adullateef Al Humaidan, is enthusiastic about two things;competing in the world fencing championship and completing his chemical engineering degree. 

Since Abdullateef Al Humaidan's sponsor selected RMIT University as the best school to support Abdullateef's academic ambitions, he has been studying English at REW. 

REW offers direct pathways to tertiary study at RMIT University, meaning that Abdullateef may not only compete in the Olympic Games one day but also achieve his goal of working in science, technology and engineering. 

First though, the three time junior champion of Kuwait must master the fundamentals of English literacy in the same way he has mastered the art of classical fencing. 

Abdullateef's study commitments have meant the skilled swordsman has had to cut down his training from what was a daily regimen to just 3-4 days a week. With 15 weeks of language classes under his belt and increasing confidence in his English language skills, Abdullateef is now keen to meet up with other RMIT fencers to practise. 

Whether it is fencing skills or academic skills; it's fair to say, Abdullateef is a formidable opponent! 

He recently won the Australian Seniors National Fencing Title, despite being a junior, and is the reigning Arab Gulf Champion. His proudest experience to date is being ranked 49th Best Fencer at the 2009 World Championships in Ireland. 

REW hopes we can help Abdullateef add a graduation certificate to his wall of achievements.