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ICAO Recognises RMIT English Language Test for Aviation

The RMIT English Language Test for Aviation (RELTA) has received official recognition from the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

RELTA is one of only four tests to have received official recognition, and is the only test outside of Russia and Europe to be recognised by ICAO.

Grant Taylor, Commercial Director at RMIT English Worldwide, said that recognition from ICAO meant any civil aviation authority could now choose to endorse RELTA with confidence in the knowledge that it had been rigorously analysed and assessed.

“This high level recognition substantiates the attributes of RELTA already appreciated by our clients,” Mr Taylor said.

“It's also a testament to the knowledge and work of our Academic Team, which constantly monitors the reliability and validity of our testing systems.”

ICAO recognition is a mechanism to provide states with impartial recommendations on selecting or developing aviation English language tests that reflect its language proficiency requirements.

ICAO has taken this initiative to minimise the burden on member states who do not have the resources to endorse high stakes English proficiency tests. 

RELTA is currently endorsed in 28 ICAO member states. 

The test uses aviation scenarios to reliably and effectively measure English language skills in both face-to-face and radiotelephony communication.

To date, almost 25,000 pilots and air traffic controllers have been assessed by RELTA, more than any other language proficiency test on the market.

RMIT English Worldwide (REW) works closely with global industry, international universities and institutions, and foreign government organisations to provide a range of tailored English programs and assessment.  

REW is an activity of RMIT Training, a company wholly owned by RMIT University.