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REW strengthens aviation ties with Indonesia

RMIT English Worldwide's participation in the Indonesian Aviation Training and Education Conference is part of a multipronged strategy to gain Indonesian aviation stakeholder support to endorse RELTA in Indonesia. This is an important strategic objective aimed at building an aviation client base in Indonesia. 

REW is a proud Silver Sponsor of IATEC; a 2-day conference organised by the Indonesian National Air Carriers Association (INACA) in cooperation with their transportation ministry and the Australia-based Aviation Conference Group (ACG). Our Senior Representative, Rachele Zito, flew to Jakarta to present at the conference on the topic of aviation English. Her keynote address, 'The continuous development of ICAO compliant English language proficiency', was enthusiastically received, and she delivered a full day REW presentation after the conference to a select group of teachers and students from the Civil Aviation Training Centre at Curug. 

Supporting Rachele at the conference were Daryl Martin, our Business Development Manager, and John Keech, our Aviation Consultant. The program focused on integrating international principles to support practical training and education programs in Indonesia's civil aviation sector. This provided a perfect forum for our three representatives to promote REW's aviation English suite of products.

Designed to become an annual event, the conference attracted more than 250 delegates from the Indonesian aviation community and addressed relevant issues in a spirit of cooperation. Special highlights included: 

  • a cocktail and gala dinner sponsored by Lion Air
  • a site tour of the Indonesia Civil Aviation Training Centre at Curug
  • an exclusive Women in Aviation Training dinner.

The Civil Aviation Training Centre visit was rewarding, both personally and professionally, for Rachele and Daryl. It included a performance by local students, a site tour, and a meeting where Daryl and Joost Jonker; Director of the Joint Aviation Authorities-Training Organisation (JAA-TO);were able to lock REW in as a major participant in aviation English education programs in Indonesia. Meanwhile, John liaised with many different contributors to the aviation industry, thus gaining a truly global perspective on practical as well as theoretical issues.

Daryl and Joost were interviewed by The Jakarta Post about REW's ongoing collaboration with JAA-TO to develop specialised English language training and testing courses for the Indonesian aviation sector. Daryl and Joost stressed the importance of Indonesia building its own capabilities through the establishment of local aviation English training and testing centres. This investment in local talent would have the long term benefit of enabling home-grown professionals to consolidate and refine their English skills by acting as examiners and raters for trainee aviation personnel. 

Rachele, Daryl and John share the same commitment to extending the depth and scope of REW's aviation English suite of products, and did full justice to that commitment by developing our networks at the conference.

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