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RMIT Training attends aviation seminar in Indonesia

Grant Taylor, Senior Regional Manager – Asia Pacific, from RMIT Training presenting at the aviation seminar.

RMIT Training was one of 50 industry participants who recently attended a seminar held at the Indonesian Civil Aviation Institute (ICAI) in Jakarta. 

The seminar focused on addressing the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Language Proficiency Requirements (LPRs); and introducing the new ICAO I-HELPP project. 

I-HELPP consists of Gateway, a central ICAO database of results from recognised tests; and the ICAO Aviation English Language Test Service (AELTS).

It also comprises of a range of forums to raise awareness of LPR issues amongst the industry. 

There are only two Aviation English language proficiency tests that have received recognition from ICAO—the RMIT English Language Test for Aviation (RELTA) and the English Language Proficiency for Aeronautical Communication (ELPAC) test.

These two ICAO-recognised tests presented jointly to the Indonesian industry to demonstrate support of the ICAO initiative and highlight the benefits to the industry of adopting such tests. 

Presentations were made by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, ICAI; AirNav, the Indonesian Air Traffic Control Authority; Grant Taylor, Senior Regional Manager – Asia Pacific from RMIT Training; and Pieke Satijn, ELPAC Project Manager at Eurocontrol.

RELTA is available in Indonesia through the Ministry of Transportation, an RMIT Training partner, and will soon be offered directly through ICAI.

“The addition of a second testing facility in Indonesia will help the Indonesian aviation industry to meet ICAO’s language proficiency requirements,” Mr Taylor said.

“We are pleased to be working with the ICAI directly on such an important initiative.”

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