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RMIT Training launches Aviation English course—Altitude

RMIT Training’s new aviation English course, Altitude.

RMIT Training is excited to launch its latest tailored training solution—Altitude, a new Aviation English course. Specifically designed to provide Aviation English development for trainees preparing to start their career in the industry, the course has received an endorsement from local pilot cadets at the RMIT Flight Training School at Point Cook. 

Developed for learners of pre-intermediate English, each unit in the 72-hour course focuses on topics and activities that contextualise English and teach a wide range of aviation language needed for the job.

“English language proficiency is an important factor in meeting the increasing need for training of new aviation industry personnel in a multicultural environment, and has long played a role in aviation safety,” said Rachel Holthouse, CEO at RMIT Training. 

“A key feature of the course is the English language learning activities that are set in relevant work-related contexts and can be tailored to focus on any personnel. For example, pilot cadets and air traffic controllers, maintenance and cabin crew trainees.

“The focus is on fluency and the practical use of English in a professional setting.”  

The Altitude course includes a wide range of enjoyable and engaging lessons of approximately one hour duration. This significantly contributes to trainees remaining motivated and interested, and helps to build language communication skills effectively. 

Face-to-face interaction is also an integral part of the course. Qualified Aviation English language instructors delivering the course use comprehensive teacher support materials designed to enhance the success of the trainees. 

Developed by an in-house team of aviation experts and curriculum writers who specialise in aviation and English language teaching, the Altitude course ensures the real-life benefit of gaining proficiency in English and of proactively sustaining that proficiency.

RMIT English Worldwide (REW) has over 45 years' experience writing English materials and delivering tailored training and testing solutions.

One of REW’s most recognised education solutions, RELTA—the ICAO recognised, online RMIT English Language Test for Aviation—has been used by over 28,000 air traffic controller and pilot candidates in 20 different countries.

RMIT Training helps organisations develop their personnel to meet the aviation industry’s growing demand for high level English proficiency. This is achieved by working alongside organisations to balance the need to comply with industry safety standards, invest in people and achieve commercial targets.

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