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English Classes

Free English Classes Melbourne Australia CBD CELTA

Free English Classes

Free English Class Melbourne AustraliaWant to learn English in the Melbourne CBD? Our English language classes can help you learn to speak, write, and listen like a local Australian. 

How much does it cost to study English in Australia? 

These classes are best suited for tourists, those visiting family and those wanting to practice their English. The classes are cost-effective because the teachers delivering the classes are training to become qualified English language teachers.

The classes are organised and observed by qualified, experienced English Teacher Trainers. These English Classes help students practice reading, listening, speaking, grammar (and some writing). All class materials are provided.

When and how can I study English?

Levels: Pre Intermediate and Upper Intermediate

Dates: Wednesday 14 October to Wednesday 16 December 

Time: 5-7pm every Wednesday night

Where: Online - you will be sent the link before classes start.

What you need: A good internet connection so you can video chat with a group of people and a computer.  You will not be able to attend classes on a mobile phone.

Cost: $20

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