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Academic English Overseas

RMIT English Worldwide partner program

Whether your students go on to study in Australia or at home, we are there for you every step of the way. RMIT English Worldwide’s learning and teaching materials are proven to get results. We share our extensive experience in delivering quality programs to ensure you enjoy a quality experience. We offer you support for the life of our partnership, working with you to meet your changing needs.

Meet our program partners

International Technology and Educational Cooperation Group (ITEC)

ITEC works with educational institutions and organisations specialising in language training. It first partnered with RMIT English Worldwide in 2002, when it established the RMIT English Worldwide Bangkok campus in Thailand.

RMIT English Worldwide Bangkok provides high quality English language preparation for Thai students who wish to go on to study abroad. The English for Academic Purposes program is the same as that offered at RMIT English Worldwide Melbourne and allows students to fully prepare themselves for further study in Australia while remaining in Bangkok.

See their website for more details:

Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (SUIBE)

Founded in 1960, SUIBE consists of 12 faculties and offers joint degree programs with RMIT University.

In partnership with SUIBE for over a decade, RMIT English Worldwide provides Academic English programs for second year students who are completing a diploma through the College of Business and works with faculty to ensure that first year students are fully prepared to enter these programs. 

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Hear from a teacher at SUIBE 

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'How does RMIT English Worldwide’s Academic English course help students achieve their goals?'



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Australia Education Management Group (AEMG)

AEMG works with universities in China and Australia to facilitate joint degree programs.

Partnering with RMIT English Worldwide since 2012, we work together to provide our Academic English programs at Chinese universities that offer a variety of disciplines, from business studies to mechanical engineering to early childhood teaching and animation and design.

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How can we help?

In a partnership with RMIT English Worldwide, you get:

  • our support of your students and teachers
  • quality control
  • best practice assessment.

Helping your students

Our Academic English programs teach not only academic skills but also social skills appropriate to a professional environment, giving students the confidence to communicate in future study and workplace settings.

Our task based approach means that students learn by doing. Students are presented with real world scenarios, and will need to communicate with each other to complete the tasks successfully.

English for Academic Purposes

Our English for Academic Purposes program teaches students the skills they need to successfully study for a degree from an Australian university. Passing the program provides direct entry to these Australian tertiary institutions:

Our pathway program

RMIT English Worldwide offers direct entry to RMIT University through its pathway program.

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Helping your teachers

Our Partner Program Relationship Executive will come to you to run induction programs for your teachers to ensure they understand the best way to deliver the programs. Our Academic Team of curriculum and assessment experts contribute to supporting our partners.


Hear from a teacher at SUIBE

'How does RMIT English Worldwide’s teacher development help you teach the Academic English course?'

Maintaining high standards

As well as helping your students meet their language and study goals, and your teachers provide the best quality instruction, you also benefit from our annual quality reviews, where we give and receive feedback and share practical suggestions for the smooth delivery of our programs.

Our Partner Program Relationship Executive regularly communicates with you, and can offer recommendations regarding facilities and resources. We can even help you set up your own independent learning centre.

Best practice assessment

You can be confident that your students are being given an accurate indication of their English language ability. Our universities rely on it. The RMIT English Worldwide Assessment Team regularly updates all tests and is committed to upholding test validity, reliability, integrity and security.

Become an RMIT English Worldwide program partner

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