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RMIT English Worldwide Online Delivery

Flexible Supported Learning

RMIT English Worldwide provides a communicative, student-centred approach that follows best practice for learning English online. The space is different but the approach is the same.


Continue your education with online learning

The world has changed, and digital learning and skills have never been more important.

We understand that this is a whole new way of studying for most. We're here to help demystify how RMIT English Worldwide offers an online learning experience that still provides high interactivity, with extra attention paid to students in the online setting.

The unique RMIT approach

RMIT English Worldwide has retained our unique interactive class format, with the same learning and teaching approach.

Live online classes

Live Classes

Our classes take place in real-time, where students participate in the way they would in a classroom setting.

Learn English Online

Immersive setting with real-world scenarios

Ask questions, take part in group discussions, use collaboration tools and chat in forums.

Teaching quality

Equivalent teaching quality

Our commitment remains the same. We are taking extra measures to maintain learning standards and outcomes.

Online learning is new to many, so we are here to help

Feedback online

Regular, individual feedback

Teacher sessions online

One on one drop-in sessions with teachers

Tutoring academic online

Specialised tutoring and academic skills support

Teacher class online delivery

2 teachers per online class and immediate online support

What does an online ELICOS class look like?

Transition to online learning

You will get to take part in live discussions and group work, practise speaking and listening with your teacher and in small groups with other students. All classes will consist of a range of different activities and types of teaching.

You will also work on projects and tasks that you will submit online and receive feedback from your teachers.

When will you be studying?

RMIT Training offers classes at three different session times. We aim to help students studying in different countries find classes that suit their local time zone. Check the table below to see what class times are available in AEST (Melbourne time zone).


Session 1 (AEST)


Session 2 (AEST)

China (3 hours behind)

Saudi Arabia (8 hours behind)

Shift 1

9:00 – 11:00

45 min

11:45 – 13:55

6:00 – 10:55 (includes 45 min break)

1:00 – 5:55 (includes 45 min break)

Shift 2

13:00 – 15:00

45 min

15:45 – 17:55

10:00 – 14:55 (includes 45 min break)

5:00 – 9:55 (includes 45 min break)

Shift 3

16:00 – 18:00

45 min

18:45 – 20:55

13:00 – 17:55 (includes 45 min break)

8:00 – 12:55 (includes 45 min break)

Find out more about online learning with RMIT English Worldwide

Visit the RMIT English Worldwide Academic English page.


From study support to personal support, IT enquiries to how to prepare for an online class, we cover it all. Find out more information about our school, programs and teaching methods.


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